20th September 2006

So how was the AEO conference for you?

How did this year’s annual conference measure up? We conduct an exit poll

I thought the subject matter was a considerable improvement on a year ago and the way the day was managed was very good too. Personally I favour the model of out of London over a couple of days but this is a minor complaint. I enjoyed the futurology section and the going back to basics of looking at the relevance of ad agencies, I thought it was very good.

Andrew Evans
Fresh RM

The subject and the speakers were all excellent. I would have preferred not to have been in London. Although the venue was excellent I believe people are more relaxed and give it more time and there is more scope for networking when one is out of London. The hotel was appalling. Having the IAEM there was a great idea but I’m not sure we made enough use of them to compare our industry on either side of the Atlantic.

Christopher Newton

It is essential that we think about the future and the AEO conference made me do just that. I am now running out to sort my pension, hide from Generation X, of which I erroneously thought I was part, and create and event for ‘greys’ which I had erroneously thought were aliens. Great stuff.

Simon Burton
Exposure Event Creations

I loved it. I think that anyone in any business would have found a lot that was really interesting. I came away thinking that it had made me think about, and look at, things in a new light which I think we will be able to apply to our business.

Barbara Crow
Sandown Park

The content was a great improvement on last year and I liked the theme of looking at the future and the opportunities it might bring us. Overall it was a stimulating day. Brintex took more delegates than normal because it was less expensive and time consuming for us having the event in one day rather than overnight outside London.

Malcolm Taylor

Generally a good day. As always people say it’s about the networking, which is probably true. The speakers were very good but they didn’t necessarily apply what they were saying to our industry. Apart from that it was a good day.

David Freeman

I particularly found the O2 presentation very interesting. It was fascinating to hear about brand and customer awareness, it should really make our industry. The networking was good as usual and the organisation was good too. I enjoyed it as always.

David Edwards

I felt that it showed an improvement over previous conferences in that there was more outside contribution rather than introspection. By increasing this input the benefits of attending were enhanced considerably. The fact that it was held on one day in London didn’t spoil the conference, it made things a little more intense, but did I lose anything from its only being one day? I think not.

Chris Gothard
Alexandra Palace

The AEO conference provided some very useful insights into the world of live events, brands and sponsorship in particular with some high quality speakers. It was a thought-provoking day and, as ever, the networking opportunities were enjoyed to the full by all.

James Campion

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